Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cheap Solution!

Pin It Now! This background is from..... A ROLL of DRAWER LINER!!! Found it at Target in the kitchen isle... attached to project board.

Here is the barnwood can find better patterns at your local craft store...9 sheets..2.00. Attached to project board :D

Nothing worse than being on a budget!

I came up with an affordable solution.

Take a science project remember those!

tape about 9 sheets of Barn Wood Scrap booking paper! to the board. Then use a spray adhesive to attach after getting them nice and straight.

BAM! You got a barn wood floor lol

Contact paper makes for great floors and they are uber portable! and you wont feel bad throwing them away or getting another when you need something new :D I grab a few extra sheets incase something happens. cant afford to replace a whole backdrop if someones ring snags on the vinyl or it gets can replace a .49 cent sheet of paper!

DONT rule out wrapping paper!! Check the wedding isle! GREAT paper! GREAT BACKDROPS!

Hey...need the backdrop and floor to meet?

Attatch strips of velcro to attatch them and then go to the scrap section of homedepot to find a piece of that wall trim..BAM! YOU got a floor and wall!!!

You can use Photoshop to close and cover seems as needed.

Ill post more cheap solutions so stay tuned!