Important Information

Pin It Now! Pricing includes photographers time, talent and shipping of the final product.

There is a $20 destination fee for all locations over 15 miles from 32065.

A $50 retainer is required within one week of booking. It will be billed through PayPal vie email address. This fee is non-refundable. You may re-schedule as needed after paying this retainer.

Photographers Rights: I do legally own every photo. Please do not crop out my copyright. My prints also have my copyright printed on the back.  I have the right to post every photo though respect for my clients is what I provide if certain photos are not wanted on the blog site or Facebook. Please understand why I do not just handout copyright free cd's. I spend hours on those photos. I spend a lot of money on props, camera gear, computer programs, upkeep on the computer, time, effort, research, etc.. and that fee you pay is minimal in comparison to most photographers. For an idea of costs, the average pay for a photo editor is $60 an hour and I wear all hats.

As always, please feel free to contact me and ask questions!

All original session files are deleted after 1 year. Please back up your files when you receive your DVD. Each DVD comes with a beautiful professionally designed case.

Each additional dvd is $20. (This includes shipping to grandparents, family or friends!) Each additional Case is $35. 

All purchases are final.

Prints: Please feel free to upload your pictures to and order your professional quality prints from there.